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Customer save as much as 70% on moving any items anywhere.

Customer FAQ

Q) How does TheWiseMover work?

A) TheWiseMover offers a dual service. Customers can list their move jobs including their items to be moved so that various qualified and verified transporters can provide quotations of which the will chose the most suitable. However customer that do not want to utilise the comparison service can contact us directly to get a quotation and move with our transporters. TheWiseMover also provide light haulage and courier services to businesses at the same reduced rates.

Q) Why is TheWiseMover cheaper than most providers?

A) We do not charge any lead fee to transporters, in addition, our commission rate to them is the lowest in the market. This gives them enough room to lower the prices further.

Q) Can I contact transporters directly?

A)Yes you can contact transporters directly through the messaging service before the service is confirmed. Once the service is confirmed, customers are emailed the full contact details of the transporter and vice versa.

Q) Can the booked price change?

A)Prices can change in case there is an additional service requested by the customer, but this has to be done jointly between transporters and customer.

Q) Is it safe to pay online?

A)Yes, PayPal is known to be one of the safest payment services.

Q) How many quotes should I wait before confirming my booking?

A)Transporters are very quick to provide a quotation. You should wait for at least 3 quotations before starting comparing. On average there are 6 quotations per job. You can then start to compare removal companies and select the best price.

Q) Do you check driver insurance?

A)Yes, we keep copies of Transporters insurance. All those working with us present their valid documentation before proceeding with a move. Our removal compare service is safe to use by all customers.

Q) Does a quotation include VAT, congestion charge, parking?

A)VAT and all other charges are included in the quotation provided by the transporter

Transporter FAQ

Q) How do I join TheWiseMover as a Transporter?

A) Click the Join now link on the homepage and complete the page that opens.

Q) Is it free to join TheWiseMover?

A) Yes, there is no fee to join.

Q) What happens after I have joined?

A) As soon as you have joined you will receive an instant welcome email that explains everything about the job and what to do next. Once you have joined you will be added to the list of quote providers to enable clients to compare removal companies.

Q) How do I login to my account?

A) Login to your account using the password you create when you first join.

Q) How do I upload my documents?

A) Uploading documents is part of the joining form. Just click on the upload button and

Q) What is the cost to transporters?

A) There is not leads generation cost to transporters, there is only a commission on the total cost of moving.

Q) Is it important to complete my profile as a driver?

A) Yes it is. Say more about your company, and ensure to upload your document. These actions will give additional confidence to the customer about your company.

Q) How do I manage my availability?

A) Transporters must accept only the job they can perform. The system gives them a possibility to propose a suitable date for the move.

Q) How do I communicate with customers prior to finalising the deal?

A) Our system enables a secured internal communication between Customers and Transporters, where they can fine tune the details before proceeding the payment.

Q) Do I need to have my own vehicle?

A) Yes, you will need your own Van or truck.

Q) Can I use a hired van?

A) Yes, hired vans are absolutely fine.

Q) How do I get paid?

A) The customer pays a very low commission which we will retain. The remainder should be paid to the transporter normally in Cash. Please contact TheWisemover if you prefer A bank transfer of card payment.

Q) What is TheWiseMovers fees?

A) There is not leads generation cost to transporters, there is only a commission on the total cost of moving. Current we are on offer and TheWiseMover will retain only of the moving cost which is payable as a deposit by the customer when accepting a quotation. The rest will be paid directly to the transporters by the customer on completion of the job.
Our removal compare service is mostly beneficial to transporters.

Q) What do I do if I am late to a booking?

A) If you are delayed / late to a booking you need to contact the customer or TheWiseMover before to the booked pick up time.

Q) What do I do if my van brakes down before a booking?

A) If your van has broken down and you cannot get to your booking contact TheWiseMover on ASAP.

Q) What happens if I cannot do a booking?

A) In the event you cannot cover a booking you have won please contact TheWiseMover ASAP.

Q) Can the price of the booking change?

A)Any change in the booking price has to be done in agreement between the customer and the transporter. TheWiseMover issues an agreement to both once the initial price has been agreed.

Q) Can customers travel in the van?

A)If the transporter agrees, the customer can travel in the van.

Q) Do I need to carry any equipment in the van?

A) Yes, Customers will expect you to have a minimum of 1 trolley box, 3 to 5 straps and 10 blankets. There is an obligation for each transporter to care the goods carried and move them without damage to the destination location.

Q) What size van should I use for a job?

A) Our system gives an indication of what type of van is required for the Job. Please assess the job carefully before advising what vehicle you will use for the job.

Q) Why work with TheWiseMover benefit?

A) Transport run their own businesses. They decide what jobs to take and agree with customers when to complete these jobs. There is no sign-up fee to pay. TheWiseMover takes care of the promotion and advertising Transporters can build a great reputation using prior customer reviews. Our commissions are the most competitive in the market.