Before you hire a local van and man or movers, this timeline could be useful

1. Two months before: Create a moving Check list : Before you pack your first box, best to put together a time line and general plan; this will keep you organised

2. Two months before: Get estimates from a local van and man – sort out and de-clutter

3. One month before: Order boxes and packing material – arrange any required home services – Start packing from least used to mostly used

4. One week before: Pack all remaining items – Perform a deep clean and reconfirm with movers.

5. One day before: Pack essentials items for your first day in your new home and get some rest.

6. Day of move: Prep you your place – check and manage any damage – receive items from your movers.

What van sizes are are used by The Wise Mover?

Several type of Vans can be used when you hire a local van and man with the Wise mover.

The following list is a guide to help customers understand and estimate volume involed when a van size is proposed by the transporters.

TheWiseMover will propose to customer cheap man and van services with savings reaching 70%. The following list is not exhaustive.

small van This small van can carry up to 900 kg in full load is mainly used for single appliance move or a few bags.

medium size van This medium van can transport a sofa or cuboard or table or bed, it can carry up to 1200 kg.

long wheel base van Slighltly small in size than the next one, this can carry up to 1500 kg of load.

luton van The luton van can carry up top 1600 kg of load. To start booking your cheap man and van service, click here.